5 Podcasts That Get You Thinking

Hi, My name is Anthony and I am addicted to podcasts. I have been listening to podcasts for over eight years.

The first ever podcast I listened to was This American Life and I have been hooked since. Though I can’t quite remember what the episode was, I distinctly remember thinking, “this feels like watching a movie using my ears.”

Podcasts are great as they open the world up to me, I get to listen to fascinating conversations from all over the world and upgrade my cultural software in the process. The internet has democratized content and we no longer have to rely on traditional media and their gate keepers to access information by them decided on what to listen or watch.

I clock in just over 5K hours of listening time, according to Gladwell (or by the 10000 rule), I’m at the halfway point to being a podcast listening genius. At the risk appealing to authority, trust me when I say, I know great content when I hear it. You already are a part of the Mixed Mental Arts community, the largest online mind sex orgy … If you are looking for even more idea sex, here are five more podcasts to try out:


  1. The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) – No other podcaster has the influence and reach of Joe Rogan. He has the most subscribed podcast because he is a content generating machine with a huge range of guests from Saargon of Akkad to Sam Harris. He has everyone on, from all walks of life discussing everything and anything. Listening to Joe Rogan has attenuated my world view from an ardent Social Justice Warrior realizing thatI don’t know enough about the world to label myself as anything right now.

After Alex Jones’ controversial interview with Megan Kelly, I listened to the JRE episode he was on, to reacquaint myself with his views and philosophies. Joe did a good job questioning and keeping him on topic when he went on random rants about the global elite and pizzagate. Follow this link listen to the episode http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/alex-jones-eddie-bravo and read what reddit had to say about the 3+ hour episode at http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/alex-jones-eddie-bravo

Not that facts seem to matter these days but I absolutely adore Joe’s commitment to facts and truth through on spot fact checking keeping his guest honest. JRE  (is?) great at mind sex.



  1. You Are Not So Smart –  This is a podcast about self delusion, biases and other ways in which our brains may work against us. In each episode, David, sometimes with a guest gives an in depth discussion regarding some of the heuristics at work clouding our judgement. Visit https://youarenotsosmart.com/ and while there, listen to my favorite episode WEIRDest People, a discussion on a sampling bias that most psychology papers fall prey to.


When you hear about “subjects” in a psychology paper, those subjects are almost always North American college undergraduates or students from Australia or the UK, members of a cohort many scientists now label as the WEIRDest people in the world, short for Western, Education, Industrial, Rich, and Democratic – the kind of people who make up less than 15 percent of the world’s population.


Here is the link to the episode https://youarenotsosmart.com/2015/08/04/yanss-055-psychologys-long-obsession-with-the-weirdest-people-in-the-world/


  1. Hidden Brain – An NPR podcast hosted by Shankar Vedantam that uses story telling and science to uncover unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, the biases that shape our choices, and the triggers that direct the course of our relationships. The show is effective in using stories to impart concepts that took me hours of studying to understand as an undergrad in just a 40 min episode. http://www.npr.org/series/423302056/hidden-brain. The episode When is it Terrorism? Was a real personal eye opener and hit home showing how the news has shaped my definition of what a terrorist is. http://www.npr.org/2017/06/19/532963059/when-is-it-terrorism-how-the-media-covers-attacks-by-muslim-perpetrators


  1. Science VsIn this era of fake news, alternative facts and good ol’ lies, it can sometimes be hard to terse out fact from fiction. Gimlet media’s podcast Science Vs is here to be the voice of reason. Every week, the podcast goes into depth separating facts from fallacies on some of the most controversial topics. A good episode to listen to is Nuclear Power – What Are the Risks. https://gimletmedia.com/science-vs/


  1. Invisibilia (Latin for invisible things)  another NPR podcast along the same lines of Hidden Brain. The show explores the hidden Invisibilia is about the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510307/invisibilia. Listen to the episode titled Reality Part One, an episode that explored how two people can see the same thing yet interpret it in two completely different ways. The story involved my favorite animal – Bears!


A technical note.

I use Stitcher radio because of its easily navigable interface, lets you create playlists and download episodes for later listening. I prefer it to the iphone (apple, Itunes) podcast app as I have a tendency to lose my phones and sometimes have to use android, nice to know that all I have to do is download the Stitcher app, log in once and I have all my favorite podcasts are synced regardless of which OS I am using.

Stitcher has a recommendation feature based on which shows you listen and episodes you have upvoted.

Download the app from  http://www.stitcher.com/


Loves thinking and ideas.

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