What is the Mixed Mental Arts Belt System?

The ultimate goal of Mixed Mental Arts is to collectively raise humanity’s I.Q. faster than ever before by giving everyone the essential mental tools required to raise their intelligence. Why are we doing this? Because we believe in the Wisdom of Crowds and that altruistic groups succeed where selfish ones fail.




The internet is an amazing place that has yielded countless fantastic things, but its greatest attribute is also its greatest problem: there’s a limitless amount of information. Sorting through what is valuable is extremely challenging. There are over 130 million books and 60 million scientific papers in the world today. Humanity has accumulated a vast store of knowledge, but it is impossible for each of us to know it all, and it’s unnecessary. Instead of accumulating information we should focus on having a Mind like Water.


Mixed Mental Arts aims to help you increase the signal to noise ratio in your life.


We’ve taken all the latest science and the wisdom of countless cultures and have distilled them down into easily digestible pieces aimed to fit into any schedule or education level. The MMA Belt System is designed to serve everyone.


The MMA Belt System is a self-guided tour through all of this collected information. It’s 100% customizable in that you chose how much or little to participate.

Martial arts belts.


Each belt, from White to Black begins with a belt post that introduces the main concepts and ideas covered in that belt. At the end of each post is a link to the belt test. Completing the belt test, while optional, is designed to turn the concepts into practical mental tools that you can use to immediately improve your life. Sharing your results (also optional) is strongly encouraged so that we may all learn from each other. As a bonus for completing the belt test you’ll be given an exclusive link to a limited edition “belt” t-shirt.



In addition to the foundational material for each belt will be links to adjacent articles that help deepen the understanding of the concepts. For example, the Red Belt has several adjacent articles, such as “Don’t Mess With Texas”, that relate to the core ideas in that belt. New adjacent posts are continuously created by the MMA staff and by users like you who share your belt tests on the website. Together we will evolve Mixed Mental Arts into a global movement!


The journey of each Mixed Mental Artist begins with curiosity. It is our curiosity that leads us to challenge our existing belief systems, to tear them down and rebuild them, creating an improved world view that more accurately reflects reality.


Mixed Mental Arts is a growing, open-source community, attempting to diffuse an incredible amount of information into concise packages that can be easily understood and applied to daily life. The belt system is one way to navigate through the core concepts of Mixed Mental Arts. The evolution of the belt system is on-going so feel free to reach out with any comments or questions that come up during your journey. We’re here to help you and vice versa.



“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

-Laozi, founder of Taoism


Start your journey with the White Belt.



    1. Cate Fogarty Reply

      That’s interesting. Does that change the meaning or how we use the phrase in English at all? For instance in Spain massage therapists say “Boca arriba” which literally means “mouth up,” but is translated to English as “face up.” But there are lots of other examples where something is lost in translation.

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