Cultural Software SDK Beta Version

For sometime, computer software engineers have been using a process known as agile development. The key idea is that you build the best version you can, send it out into the world, get feedback on what works and doesn’t work and then use that feedback to improve the software. Agile software development draws on the wisdom of the crowds and the benefit of real world feedback. I’ve been using this process for the last few months with cultural software.

When you teach to children, you are engaging in agile development of your own culture software. You try and explain things and you get a blank stare in return.


And if you believe that there are no bad students only bad teachers, then you blame yourself. You make it your personal responsibility to clarify, break down and explain things more and more clearly. How can you communicate more with less? Over time, you get pretty good.

However, you’re never really done. What was great about my Joe Rogan appearance is that I found out the limits of my own cultural software. Put under pressure, I wasn’t able to succinctly explain my perspective to someone I’d just triggered. So, I iterated and after a month of engaging with a series of Atheist Fundamentalists, I now have what I think represents the beta version of the Mixed Mental Arts Cultural Software Development Kit.

Like any SDK (Software Development Kit), these are just tools that are meant to empower developers everywhere to create their own tools. This is a beta version the minimum viable set of ideas that I think need to be moved into the knowledge of the crowd in order for it to become wise. Or, at least, for it to get far enough along that it begins thinking slowly about problems rather than just reacting. Doubtless, lots is missing. Partly, that’s my own limited awareness which will have to be corrected by the community. Partly, that’s just a trade off between completeness and manageability.

So, here it is. Excited to keep iterating this. Feedback is how this improves so let me know what’s missing and if you want to take a crack at moving these ideas through memes, blogs or videos…then have at it. That’s the whole goal. It’s time to get these ideas out of books.

Love to all Humanity — Toto

The Mixed Mental Arts Cultural SDK Beta Version

American Nations

  • The Dutch/Dutch Uncles


  • East vs West

  • Breaking things down vs putting things together

  • Thinking in a line (logic) vs Seeing things as circular (Romance of The Three Kingdoms)

  • Systemic Medicine: Why Can’t Tony Molina at the Rewire Project Get Heard

  • Western Fundamentalists (Obfuscation/Obtuseness/Use of Logical Fallacies)

  • The Dorito Effect: Breaking food into a series of ingredients without thinking that the whole might be greater than the sum of its parts.


  • Blind Copying

  • Advertising

  • Genius Myths (The Straight-A Conspiracy)

  • Personality Cult

  • Everyone Poops/Every Thinker is a Stinker

Corruption is Nepotism

  • What Kind of Asshole Wouldn’t Help Their Family? (Games Without Rules; Tamim Ansary Interview)

  • Meritocracy

  • Janissaries

  • Light Eyes with Mongols

  • White Slavery as part of the spice trade (Slavs)

Descartes Error

  • Elliot

  • Thinking and Feeling are Always Linked

  • The Golden Rule

  • Weapons of Math Destruction and the worship of math. (Robert McNamara and The Fog of War.)

Detective Work

  • Something is off

  • Pattern recognition to quickly spot problem

  • Extracting rules of thumb

  • Hinky Meter

Development: How Do You Get to Denmark?

  • Meiji Restoration for every culture for the Information Age

  • Swapping out the engine of each culture to fit the information age (embracing mistakes/valuing learning/seeking out intellectual diversity for idea sex/meritocracy/inclusivity/rule of law/Motivation 3.0/UBI/using mindsets as tools/mind like water that can handle any challenge thrown at it)

Diffusion Of Innovations

  • Don’t Mess With Texas

  • Practical and culturally appropriate tools

Dignity Cultures

  • Farmers

  • Moving post stones and going to the authorities

  • Instrumental Murders

  • Protestant Work Ethic

  • Total Obliviousness to The Importance of Tribal Identity (W.E.I.R.D./Libtarded)

  • Don’t Protect Reputation of Group (Let SJWs Destroy Reputation)

Dunbar Number(s)

  • The Problem of the Stranger

  • Gossip as Grooming. How’s the Weather?

  • Can’t Remember People on Facebook


  • Puritanical thinking

  • There are unbelievers, heretics, kulaks, witches, communists, intellectual enemies in our midst. As in the case of SJWs, the thoughts (racism and sexism) are often objectionable. However, it is precisely this righteousness that allows them to disguise their witch hunt behavior as legitimate and acceptable.

  • The human family needs slow thinking and patience to work out its differences. Fundamentalists destroy the very emotional and conversational climate needed for humanity to resolve its differences.

  • Invasion of the Bodysnatchers/Stripping out foreign cultural influences in ways that fit the prejudices of your culture

Gender Differences and Sexuality

  • In death, he has a name. His name is David Reimer.

  • A lot of supermodels are actually have XY chromosomes (Sports Gene)

  • Why Straight Men Are the Biggest Consumers of Tranny Porn

  • Women and Twilight

  • Magic Hoo Hoo

  • Ms Marple

  • Cuckold Porn

  • Penis as Sperm Shovel

  • Why Are Bachelor Pads so Disgusting (Hunters/Hunter’s Place)

  • Hunter-gatherers should be gatherer-hunters. Most calories come from women. Men hunt rare calories. (Men’s desire to break new ground. Women’s desire to make the community work. You need both.)

  • The problem of Wall Street/Silicon Valley being a sausagefest is that there’s no cognitive balance there to make sure the behavior remains pro-social. (Not the fairness narrative.)

  • Sexism appears with the rise of agriculture. Manual Labor. Woman’s place is in the kitchen. Disappears as physical strength becomes less relevant. Time to get rid of it now.

  • LGBTQ: Biological basis/Cultural prejudices


  • Disgust for other humans (Jared Diamond’s story about Papua New Guineans turning on each other)

  • Inyenzi/Cockroach/Vermin


  • Eugenics (Lewis Terman and Carol Dweck’s fight to undo his damage.)

  • The highjacking of Binet’s IQ test by Terman (Terman moved the IQ from being about measuring your current ability to a measure of your fixed potential.)

  • 1776 and books (David McCullough)

  • Serenity Prayer. Wisdom To Know The Difference.

  • Cultures are shaped by their environment. A constantly changing technological environment requires a constantly evolving culture.

Hero With a Thousand Faces

  • Convergent Cultural Evolution

  • Character Types

  • The Universal Man

  • Mixed Mental Arts and Mixed Martial Arts are two sides of trying to become the Universal Man/Woman/Zirself 🙂

Honor Cultures

  • Herder Cultures (Convergent Cultural Evolution)

  • Washington D.C.: City of Southern Efficiency and Northern Charm

  • Black Rednecks and White Rednecks

  • Fighting Irish/Albion’s Seed

  • Where Bryan Callen Doesn’t Come From

  • Why is Robert Peace Dead?

  • Hillbilly Elegy

  • Southerners have overwhelmingly done the bleeding and dying for American freedom

  • Strong use of violence

  • Low attention to detail and efficiency

  • Intuitions Around Learning Poorly Suited to Information Age

  • Great Orators/Preachers/Rappers

  • Don’t diss me

  • Guns: There are badasses (people who are well-trained with guns and well-disciplined) and dumbasses (people who misuse guns)


  • Beginner’s Mind

  • Socrates saying I know nothing

  • Black belts always put the white belt back on

  • Entering a new environment like the Amazon learn from the locals. In the modern world, we are constantly doing this.

Idea Sex

  • The Undoing Project and Chinese Character for Confusion

  • Idea Bees

  • Wisdom Emerges from between different perspectives

  • Idea Bukkake

  • Mind fuck

  • Idea Incest

  • Log in your eye and splinter in your brother’s (The people who are most different from you teach you most)

  • How to make Knowledge Bomb: Line things up so people instantly make kintsugi. Help them see things they never saw before…and can’t unsee.

Jonathan Swift

  • A Modest Proposal

  • Laputa and Balnibarbi

  • Big Enders and Little Enders

Mistakes are Missed Takes

  • Fix-It-Focused Practice

  • Shame

  • The Feeling of Stupid


  • Breaking things down vs putting things together

  • Thinking in a line (logic) vs Seeing things as circular (Romance of The Three Kingdoms)

  • Systemic Medicine: Why Can’t Tony Molina at the Rewire Project Get Heard

  • Western Fundamentalists (Obfuscation/Obtuseness/Abuse of Logical Fallacies as a means of shutting down conversation/The Guntberg Principle)


  • Malaria (1493 and Arabian Peninsula)

  • Mason-Dixon Line

  • Black Rednecks and White Rednecks

  • Ethiopians and People from West Indies vs Black Rednecks

RDF (Reality Distortion Field)

  • Wrapping each other in stories

Straight-A Conspiracy

The South Park Principle: You Can Get Away With Anything if it’s Fair (Haidt Diagram)

  • Bullying is One-Sided. Teasing is Reciprocal.

  • The importance of representativeness

The Wizard of OZ

  • HOW DARE YOU?!? (Intuitions of authority and accusations of arrogance)

  • Remove yourself from the equation
  • Don’t shoot the messenger.

  • Just passing on the message

  • Book ’em, Dano (If someone really wants to get into it, then rather than re-explaining everything you can just direct them to the right book)

  • Motivation 3.0: Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose


  • Culture Binds and Blinds

  • Naive Realism

  • It’s easier to see the speck in your brother’s eye than the log in your own

Unchecked Power

  • Don’t Shoot Your Camel, Tie it Up, Peter Schiff (Institutions aren’t supposed to be destroyed. They’re supposed to have their power checked.)


Right after being born in Saudi Arabia, I was taken to the Callen house. Since then, Bryan and I have travelled the world with our Citibank fathers and somehow ended up in LA together. There we'd run into each other at family gatherings and do something that no one else in LA seemed to be doing: we talked about books. Since Bryan was kind of a big deal, Hunter and Bryan hatched a scheme to use his podcast to get on their favorite authors and professors. Out of that evolved Mixed Mental Arts and this tribe. For me, the marriage of entertainment and education is a return to how things used to be before our culture split story into two separate things. It's exciting to be able to build on the work Katie O'Brien and I did for The Straight-A Conspiracy and expand it out to every area of life. While I play a series of roles in the Mixed Mental Arts community (including Shitty Dutch Uncle and Bryan's #1 fan) my favorite role is as Toto who pulls back the curtain and let's the world see that there are no wizards...only men and women who try and puff themselves up to seem important.

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