Cultural software update

Was raised in a Christian home, but the Gospels having been written by different people about the same circumstances was really confusing to me at a young age. Of course, you adapt to the ideology of your parents usually, like Jordan Peterson describes with Pinocchio as a metaphor for being attached to your families ideology. I grew up with a friend that was Buddhist and another that was Unitarian. An already confusing inconsistency in my own religion as well as other entirely different religions really changed my worldview young. Actually turned me into an agnostic of sorts due to this.

Years later I was exposed to Alan watts and listened to all his lectures. His breakdown of the difference between worldviews of eastern and western views really blew my mind. Concepts like mindfulness, and ego, and being apart of an inseparable system which perceptually gives the illusion that there are separate objects.

Can’t have life without water, can’t sustain life without air, can’t have air without trees, can’t have a livable planet without atmosphere, planet without the sun, solar system without gravity, and on it goes.
This actually made me appreciate the values of other religions much more including Christianity because we are all in this together inexorably.

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