Ep 267 – Ricky Varandas Of The Ripple Effect Podcast: An Age Of Opinion and The Internet’s Painful Adolescence

Ricky Varandas is the host of The Ripple Effect Podcast. Recently, Hunter and Ricky met up in Dartmouth, MA. As they looked out over Buzzard’s Bay, they chatted about what it means to live in an age when everyone gets a voice. Right now, we’re in what Joe Rogan calls the internet’s painful adolescence. There’s turmoil, uncertainty and blindly clinging to simplistic ideologies that give us a feeling of certainty. But just like Middle School, this too shall pass 🙂

You can check out more of Ricky’s awesome convos at The Ripple Effect Podcast and find him on Twitter at @rvtheory6

Love to all humanity – Toto


  1. Nigel Gauvin Reply

    Just a heads up, this episode is not (yet) available on the podcast app, YouTube or on this websites podcasts tab. Big fan of the podcast, don’t forget to be awesome!

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